Ayurvedic Aromatherapies

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In Ayurveda Aromatherapy, traditional techniques and benefits of Ayurveda are combined with Aromatherapy and Marma techniques, using the rare and unique flora pharmacy of Indian essential oils to provide a holistic sensory experience.

Mukha Chikitsa
1 hour
1 hour 30 mins

A holistic facial treatment embodying anti-ageing and relaxing properties. Enjoyed by the nobility of ancient India and Persia, the blend of rare ingredients Mogra, Saffon, and Rose holds anti-ageing, relaxing properties.

An aromatic hand and arm ritual is followed by a complete facial cleanse and exfoliation. A hydrating oil mask, together with a facial Marma massage, rejuvenates on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The 90 minute treatment  option includes a luxurious mini back and neck massage for extra relaxation and stress relief.

1 hour

Shirodhara is a stress-releasing treatment during which warm oil is poured over the third eye, forehead, and temples to soothe and calm the nervous system. It assists with treating stress, skin conditions, and insomnia, while enhancing emotional balance. The experience starts with a Facial Marma Massage, using Subtle Energies’ enriching facial blend, to enhance the benefits of the traditional experience and deliver a fresh and youthful glow to the complexion. A four-week program is recommended for ultimate benefits.

Padabhyang Indian Foot and Leg Massage
1 hour

Bring harmony to the entire body with an energising Ayurveda Aromatherapy foot and leg treatment. Recommended for relieving jet lag, improving circulation, and de-stressing after travelling, this experience begins with a foot ritual and continues with a signature massage and a bronze kasa bowl technique. Stimulates Marma points of the feet and legs using unique oil blends. Hot compresses and the application of double cream or lotions complete the journey.

30 mins

A traditional Indian head massage using therapeutic ingredients such as neem and coriander seed to provide a sense of grounding, while rejuvenating the scalp and releasing neck and shoulder tension. Can benefit eyes, ears, and nose, stimulate memory and brain cells, and uplift the spirit.