Sodashi Facial Therapies

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Holistic health services for beautiful maintenance and luxurious indulgence. Our range of treatments are suitable for both men and women.
Pure Radiance Facial
1 Hour
A journey of total renewal and deep relaxation. This treatment begins with aromatic warm facial compresses to soften and exfoliate, followed by the application of a nurturing face mask rich in herbal extracts to purify and hydrate the skin. This facial experience can be tailored to individual skin needs, utilising Sodashi’s luxurious Plant Essence Synergies to leave skin revitalised and fresh.
Stop and Relax Facial
30 mins
Using only natural ingredients sourced from the earth and sea, including extracts and essential oils of the purest and highest grade, this express treatment will boost your complexion with a facial cleanse, unique exfoliating compresses, aromatic hydrating mist and a leave-on gel mask. Your treatment will be completed with a hydrating moisturiser especially suited to your skin’s needs.
Thermal Infusing Facial
1 hour 30 mins
An intensive boost of nature’s most potent vitamins and minerals, this unique facial incorporates Sodashi’s exclusive Thermal Mask to maximise penetration of essential ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This indulgent treatment is tailored to individual skin needs: to purify and deeply cleanse, or to nourish, it leaves skin hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than a facial – its nature’s face lift.