The Men's Collection

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We have curated a list of treatments especially with men's needs in mind. However, all of our treatments are suitable for both men and women. Select from our suggestions below or choose something from our full menu.
Amor for Men Facial
1 hour 15 mins
1 hour 30 mins

Rich in Vitamin C, this treatment eliminates toxins and enhances skin luminosity, fighting wrinkles, skin fatigue, and the symptoms of premature ageing. Includes a 24-step Shiatsu Zen massage followed by a detoxifying rubber mask, balancing your body, mind, and skin. Included in the 90 minute treatment is a tension relieving back, neck, and shoulder massage prior to your facial.

Tension Release Massage
1 hour
1 hour 30 mins

Perfect for the relief of physical stress and discomfort. Your therapist will work on areas of focus to alleviate muscular tightness, reduce chronic pain, and restore joint mobility.

Blissful Marma and Mukha Chikitsa
2 hours 15 mins

This deeply relaxing and anti-aging ritual begins with with a Blissful Marma massage. Long, firm, flowing movements soothe tired and tense muscles, while vital energy centres are aligned with Marma therapy and Chakra balance. Mogra, Kewda, and Brahmi balance the Anahata (Heart) Chakra. Cool, calm, and joyful, these Ayurveda Aromatherapy oils deliver powerful skin benefits.

The joy flows to Mukha Chikitsa, a customised anti-ageing facial treatment, which harnesses the potent blend of ancient cellular wisdom and modern science. A purifying skin cleanse and dynamic double mask are followed by the signature aromatic facial marma massage, which releases muscular tension and anxiety and restores cellular radiance.

 The Blissful Marma and Mukha Chikitsa Ritual is an anti-ageing experience for body and mind.

Padabhyang Indian Foot and Leg Massage
1 hour

Bring harmony to the entire body with this energising Ayurveda Aromatherapy foot and leg treatment. Recommended for relieving jet lag, improving circulation, and de-stressing after travelling, this experience begins with a foot ritual and continues with a signature massage and a bronze kasa bowl technique to stimulate marma points of the feet and legs using unique oil blends. Hot compresses and the application of double cream or lotions complete your journey.

Deluxe Chocolate Scrub with Ancient Thai Pinda Balance
1 hour 15 mins

Say goodbye to stress and welcome the harmony of chocolate. An aromatherapy ritual relaxes your mind, body and soul, and a body balance is performed with ancient Thai Pindas to encourage deep relaxation.  Next, a decadent chocolate body scrub (created using pure collagen milk) leaves the skin silky soft. The delicious chocolate scrub is then removed with heated towelling gloves. The final touch is all-over essential hydration with the application of chocolate body butter. Pure indulgence!

Hand or Foot Grooming
30 mins (add-on)
Upgrade any of the treatments from our Men's Collection with a 30 minute exfoliation, nail care and nourishment treatment for your hands or feet.