A note from Founder, Heather Sartain
Heather Sartain

I founded One Wybelenna in 2015, to create a serene, luxurious space that allowed guests to find space for themselves amid their busy everyday lives, encouraging them to take time to relax and restore their mind and body.

A culmination of many years of training and practising traditional medicine as a nurse and then later training in complementary and massage therapies, reiki and yoga teacher training, prompted a desire to create a place with a holistically minded approach to wellbeing. 

Our beautiful gold mandala, draws inspiration from the traditional symbol for the heart chakra, ‘anahata’. Not only is this my favourite chakra, I felt that it perfectly embodied the ethos of One Wybelenna, representing our desire to deliver service from the heart, ensuring a beautiful, restful experience.

We strive to provide a space to rest in, allowing for quiet, meditative moments to reflect and restore equilibrium. Our extensively trained therapists are here to look after you, delivering an exceptionally high level of service to ensure a seamless experience at One Wybelenna. From the moment you arrive until well after you leave, we hope that your time with us at One Wybelenna will be a lasting, memorable experience.

The One Wybelenna Mandala

The One Wybelenna gold mandala logo draws inspiration from the heart chakra, ‘anahata’. This chakra is associated with balance, calmness and serenity. Traditionally chakras are employed to focus attention, act as a spiritual guidance tool and establish a sacred space, aiding in meditation and bringing a sense of calm to the body.

Beatifully serene