One Wybelenna

Gift Certificate Refunds

One Wybelenna will be closed as a business from 6pm on October 31st 2020. We will still be operating the full Spa activities up until that date. After then, we will complete the processing of any remaining requests for Gift Certificate refunds, provided that they have been received by 6pm October 31st.

If you hold a valid Gift Certificate we are offering a number of options for redemption. Gift Certificates may be redeemed for product and merchandise at a 20% discount or refunded.

View our retail product list with updated prices here.

If you have already sent a refund request to, you DO NOT need to submit your details again. This form is only for NEW refund requests.

Your Gift Certificate number is located on the back of your certificate. If you do not have your Gift Certificate number, please enter the name of the original purchaser.

Please note: We are receiving a large number of calls and emails at the moment, so please be patient. We will respond to your enquiry within 7 to 14 days.